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C.Clear Productions, LLC
C.Clear Productions, LLC


CHARITY CLARK-ANDERSON, Owner/Artistic Director


I felt the majority of plays written for the Urban Christian Community did not bring with them the same expertise, professionalism, and diversity as other distinguished writers. Today’s Urban playwrights and Christian playwrights serve a distinct purpose and I give them my wholehearted support and respect, however as an artist, my creative vision has been to bring to these two genres, contemporary inspirational stories with broader base audience appeal. I would like mainstream theatergoers to attend and appreciate more plays in these genres. I feel this can only be accomplished if writers and producers in these categories present more professional quality plays with more complex storylines, stronger plots, and well-rounded multifaceted, characters. 

. As a response to my continued development as an artist, I have founded my own production company, C.Clear Productions, LLC; offering original innovative theatrical presentations. C. Clear holds fast to the vision of presenting inspirational plays to a diverse audience that are engaging and inspiring; serving as a catalyst for self examination and change. It is my desire that the work that I and like-minded playwrights are doing inspires other Urban and Christian writers and producers to stretch the limits of their genres; taking our art form to the next level; developing higher standards for our work; allowing our stories to be experienced by more diverse audiences; advancing our unique artistic expression and individual creativity. 

Two plays I have written, directed and produced, “Daughters” and “Sons” best reflect my current artistic direction and efforts for service. “Daughters,” the story of a seemingly God fearing, African American couple raising two teenage daughters, deals with issues of abandonment, single parent households, peer pressure, low self esteem and unforgiveness.  It premiered August 12, 2005 as a benefit performance for two young Detroit sisters, Jody and Alexis Wilder who were both diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Profits from the show were donated for their continued care. The sisters, now young adults are living healthy and productive lives. “Daughters” was produced again in 2010.

The majority reported that the youths in their groups were positively affected by the plays. One mother who came with the Women of Vision group brought her two teen boys to “Sons.” She had been having problems with them acting out, exhibiting negative behaviors. The realistic problem solving skills presented by the parents on stage gave the mother “food for thought as to how to do things differently with her boys.” After making these changes the woman said she has seen “profound positive changes in her sons’ behavior. The boys themselves were persuaded to look at their lives differently as they did not want to “end up in jail like the eldest son in the play.” A teen from the In His Image group stated that it was good to get away from the inner city for a change and to “see stuff on stage instead of just being lectured about it.” A female leader, Yvonne Hoskins, came with a group of teen girls from her church. As their mentor, she said she frequently references the female characters in “Daughters,” using them as examples when teaching on the effects of low self esteem and peer pressure. Because the girls were visually able to see the effects of bad choices presented live on stage, one young lady in particular she spoke about was deterred from running away from home.

. As my plays are written primarily for but not exclusive to urban audiences, I will continue to bring to the genres of Urban and Christian Theatre, stories with broad base audience appeal, complex storylines, strong plots, and well-rounded, multifaceted, characters.

As owner and Artistic Director of C.Clear Productions my team and I have been writing, teaching performing and producing theatre in the tri-county area since 1999.  We pride ourselves on our God given talents, professionalism and access to the very best actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technical support in the area.  

Our mission is to engage, inspire and entertain our audience while providing them with a conversation that will serve as a catalyst for self-examination and change. Our combined theatrical experience Christian faith and unique performance style encompasses all that is needed to produce nothing less than quality theatre..



Rhonda English, Co-Founder, Asst. Director