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C.Clear Productions, LLC
C.Clear Productions, LLC





A Powerful Gospel Musical Stage Play 

 The Claytons, a family of four, appear to be the typical All-American, God-fearing Christian family; but as we all know, things aren’t always as they seem. 




A Spellbinding Inspirational Stage Drama Based on a True Story 

Be inspired as this stage play asks the age old question: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”       

Based on a true story, “Sons” is the powerful story of a family that moves from the city to the suburbs in search of a better life; but finds it almost impossible to escape the life they left behind.

An Affair To Remember


 "An Affair To Remember"  is a heartfelt and passionate drama that examines the  unraveling of a “perfect marriage” and how, through faith, the couple starts to make their way back to each other again. 

The Conference


"The Conference"  

Four thirty-something girlfriends embark on a road trip they have been promising themselves for years. Headed to a Women's Christian Conference, the trip promises six days of fun, relaxation, praise, and fellowship; however, the women find themselves confronting the secrets, lies, indiscretions, and regretful decisions they've made in their pasts.  

Game Play


"Game Play"

Laid off from his job for over a year, John Sutton is out of the game and can't seem to find a way back in.  His wife Michelle has learned all the rules and is climbing the corporate ladder - fast!  Come witness this passionate drama and watch the unraveling of a "perfect marriage."

The Exchange


"The Exchange” 

A one-act stage play of 2 sisters who meet unexpectedly in a train station after being estranged for 27 years. During their encounter, one seeks forgiveness for her betrayal and the other, justification for her pent-up hostilities and anger; all while trying to exorcise the demon/ghost of their youth.